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Here is what you get:

Do you want prestige when you are sending an email to one of your associates, your friends, family or businesses?  How would you like to have your email read like this? rather than your or where you can't even find a name to call yourself and you are forced to use some strange combination of alphabetic/numerical characters for yourself.  It is one of your best business decisions to have such an email forwarding.  Below is how it works, all free with your domain registration.   

Email forwarding is a great way to present a consistent corporate ID to your customers.  It allows you to have your email sent to an alias which you can create yourself such as All email sent to the alias is then forwarded on to your primary email account such as

It's important to understand that Email Forwarding is not an email box with an allocation of disc space and a username and password like a POP3 Account.  It is, as the name suggests, a forwarding service to an existing email account.

If you wish to use our email forwarding service, your domain name must be delegated to our primary and secondary DNS servers.  If you are not currently a customer of ours, you will first need to transfer your domain to us before we can arrange Email forwarding.

In Summary:

  • Register a domain name and sign up for email forwarding and you will get your own personalized email with up to 10 different Emails per domain.  
  • Friends, family and customers will be able to find you with an easy to remember e-mail address like (, or
  • Send and receive e-mail using any Web browser or any of your favorite e-mail programs (Outlook™AOL, Hotmail ,Eudora™, etc.).
  • With our forwarding feature, mail sent to your new email address will be forwarded to your existing email accounts. For example, send a message to and it will be sent to

To add an email forwarding address, simply enter the email prefix in the box to the left of the domain you wish to forward from and enter your email address in the box to the right of the domain. After adding one email address, you can continue to add up to 10 total emails for that domain.


Email Forwarding Login
To enable Email forwarding, log on to the Domain Manager and select the email forwarding option.