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NOTICE:  If you have already renewed your domain name and the whois information shows that the domain name has already been renewed and you receive another renewal notice for the same domain name, take a closer look at the notice.  Most likely the notice is to renew other services ( Email or URL Forwarding, Secure Whois, etc.) not the domain name registration.

Domain Name Renewal

Domain name renewal is the assurance to continue your presence on the Internet.  Many domain name owners lost their domain names because they neglected to renew their domain name on time.  We do not want this event to ever happen to any of our customers.   We have created the auto-renewal feature to assure that your domain name would be renewed prior to its expiration.  Unfortunately though, you must do your part to watch for two very important things.

1.  Your email address must be correct in order for us to be in touch with you in the event that your bank does not approve the charges to renew the domain name. 

2.  Also make sure that the credit card on file is up to date (most importantly check to see if the expiration date needs to be updated, and make sure the card on file is valid), since we cannot charge an expired credit card.  If the domain name is not renewed on time, and you let it expire it will be held for a 30-day's redemption period.  During this time the domain name will be removed from the zone files (the list of domains currently in the global DNS.)  All services associated with the domain name will stop working.  This includes your website, email forwarding and URL Forwarding.  While you may retrieve the domain name from deletion during the redemption period, you must pay a $150 fee to do so.  Once the redemption period has passed, the domain name will be released for anyone to register.

Be aware that ICANN and VeriSign have signed an agreement that allows VeriSign to impose higher fees on all registrars.  To secure any future price hike in the future, we advise you to renew your domain name for the maximum number of years you can afford to renew.  As you know, ICANN has imposed a $.25 fee on all domains registered, and we did not pass this increase to any of our customers like the rest of the other registrars.

Some fraudulent websites send massive emailings to domain name owners.  They send deceptive emails that look like official requests to renew domain names and the end result is that you will be tricked into paying three times the amount we charge for renewal, and they may also trick you into transferring your domain name to them, making it very difficult to retrieve your domain back. never sends renewal notices through the Post Office mail, and if you receive postal mail from anybody to renew your domain name, consider it to be a fraudulent request to get your money. 

Use the Domain Manager to easily manage all of your domains in one place.

Renew Your Domains
(Extend registration term up to 10 years, set auto renewal, disable renewal notices)

Extend your expiration date up to 10 years.

Make sure your domains are renewed with our new Auto Renewal option. Domains that are about to expire and have the Auto Renew option checked, will be renewed automatically for a period of 1 year. The actual renewal will take place 30 days prior to the domain's expiration date. This allows us plenty of time to correct any charging issues such as expired credit card or credit card processing failure. This gives us valuable time to help avoid lost domains. A renewal notification will be emailed to the address in your account. Renewals will be billed to the credit card you have on file. If the credit card information is invalid or has been declined, you will receive an email with an opportunity to update the payment information.

Renew Domains
(Renew your domains up to ten years)

To renew a domain, please put a check mark next to the domain(s) you wish to renew, then press the Continue button. If you have domains that have expired and are in the redemption status, and you would like to restore them, you can do so in this section.

Enable/Disable Auto Renewal
(Make sure your domains are renewed on time)

Check domains you want to be auto renewed. Uncheck the ones you do not wish to auto renew. PLEASE NOTE: If your domain will expire within 30 days you need to renew it first before setting the Auto Renew option. These domains will be listed with a "*" before the domain name.